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Dhrupad, an ancient genre of North Indian classical music that owes its genesis to many parts of India, is a very popular form of classical music today. Here we discuss an old Dhrupad gayaki which was propagated by the Bishnupur gharana of Bengal. We present an introductory study of the Bishnupur style of presenting Dhrupad. Four specific aspects,┬ánamely the approach to the intonation of notes during “alap”, the method of expanding a raga, specific rhythmic characteristics, and melodic patterns in the compositions of the gharana have been studied. We also briefly discuss a few differences between this style and other extant gharanas of Dhrupad. The study also provides a historical background as context to the development of the gharana. We hope this study is the first of many steps towards reviving and promoting this singular gayaki of Dhrupad from Bengal.