Suparno Bhattacharya

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“Ever since I can remember, I have loved music. My father, himself a keen listener and singer of various musical genres popular in Bengal, played a big role in developing my interest and love for music as a child. Later on, encouraged by my mother, I started my first formal lessons with Shri Himangshu Mukherjee in Kolkata, my hometown. Academic pursuits led me to the world of engineering and a different part of India where I continued my training under Pt. Umakant Pathak of the Benaras Gharana, a renowned flute player and radio artist. My arrival into State College last year, has led to a new turn in my musical life, and I presently learn music under the guidance of Shri Arijit Mahalanabis. When not studying and contemplating music, I remain a busy second year doctoral student in the Department of Engineering Science & Mechanics at Penn State.”