Shalini Balasubramonian

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“My mother first recognized my talent for music when I was three. I have been singing and learning music in various capacities since I was five years old. Since then I have learned Carnatic music for ten years, Rabindra Sangeet for two years and lately, Hindustani music for the past four years. When I was nine, I gave my first full length Carnatic concert in my hometown, Kerala and have since then, given many more. But like most people, pressure to perform well in high school and engineering college made me take a long break from learning music. I moved to the US five years ago for work and decided to rekindle my passion. I wanted to explore a different musical art form and that led me to Arijit-da and Hindustani Music. There are so many similarities, yet so many differences between the Carnatic and Hindustani style; it has taken me a while to find my feet in this art form and I am still trying to find my way. Music speaks to my soul; it moves me in inexplicable ways, helps me find peace amid the chaos, helps me discover my own self, and my place in this universe. Music aside, I live in Seattle with my husband Somak and I work for Microsoft as a Software Developer.”