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Pandit Dinkar Kaikini was a musician who saw the need to analyze and organize Hindustani music into accessible concepts for learners. As a Guru to a wide range of students, his goal was to demystify the otherwise abstract learning process into concrete categories and ease the transition into improvisation, a big jump in the early journey of taalim. His aim was to empower the student to be an independent thinker, and he did this by blending the traditional mimetic model of learning in Hindustani music with tools for ideation that the student could apply on her own. His simple and lucid concepts remain relevant at all stages of taalim – whether at the beginner level or at the performance level – all depending on the singer’s ability to keep examining what they are doing with full awareness and intention. The talk will touch upon several approaches to raag expansion; and svar bhav, laya bhav, and shabd bhav in khayal development.