Latha Bhushan

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“Although Indian classical music had a special place in my life growing up; I took to learning the sitar well into my later life. It all began the summer I visited an arts school, Kalakshiti, in Bangalore. While listening to the students practice the sitar, it dawned on me that I too wanted to learn the instrument! From that summer on, I definitively decided to start taking sitar lessons. My first lessons were with the late Ustad Bale Khan of Dharwad, an artist in residence at Kalakshiti. Later on, I continued my lessons with Mrs. Hamsa Ghorpade, a senior student of my late first teacher. Intent on continuing my sitar training in the United States, I subsequently learned under Shubha Sankaran, a surbahar artist and teacher residing in Washington DC. As a complement to my instrumental training, I am also currently learning Hindustani vocal music from Shri Arijit Mahalanabis. I am very thankful to all my teachers for their encouragement and enriching my love for music. I am happy to be part of an informal instrumental ensemble formed by SIMA, called “Vadya Vrind”, and am looking forward to playing a bandish in Basant Mukhari (a morning Raag) with them for Virasat. I currently reside in Happy Valley and am a Professor of Special Education at Lock Haven University.”