Janak Jethva

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“Encouraged and pushed by my parents, my musical journey started in middle school. I learned a little harmonium and tabla, and few classical music compositions from my first music teacher Jivan Tirankar. The big turning point occurred in high school when I started vocal Hindustani lessons with Shri Jignesh Tilavat, and was inspired to seriously work towards my training. However, after migrating to the U.S., my learning came to a halt. Only recently, on meeting my guru Arijit Mahalanabis, has my old passion been reignited. Thanks to Guruji, I’ve started to have a more nuanced understanding of Hindustani classical music, and am reconnecting with music at a much deeper level. I’ve come to realize that music conveys beyond what mere words can. And as much as I learn music, I am also constantly learning from music. Music relaxes me, motivates me and calms me during emotionally trying times. Learning music has also impressed upon me that only with considerable effort and practice, can significant progress be made. Apart from music, being a senior at Penn State University keeps me busy. I study biomedical and mechanical engineering, and am involved in a social entrepreneurship project related to providing low cost health solutions to developing countries like Zambia. In my spare time, I enjoy watching TED talks and writing poetry.”