Harkeerat Mangat

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“Angela places on her head a metal pail resembling an Asian conical hat, and shuffles like a geisha to the shower. Harkeerat, dressed in a long, bronze coloured dress, performs a Dhrupad recital for his friends.

The structure of stereotype can be found in the structure of language itself.

Exoticism is something that can be put on and taken off as easily as a prop or costume. We can be anyone. What’s engaging for me, is what one does within such boundaries. Simply adapting to or dismissing structure entirely, isn’t as interesting as remodelling it.

Music needs not to generate understanding or explanation. Decoding it on language’s terms has given me only enough to hold on to — not enough to take with me and transform. I believe there is a space where tone, rhythm and silence function as organic elements free of association. This small gap or dimension beyond cultural affiliation, speech and script, is precisely where music can operate and overwhelm me in a way like no other.”