Gitanjali Bhushan

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“Since a very young age I have been surrounded by classical art forms. My older sister learned Barathnatyam at Kalakshiti in Bangalore every summer and my mother has always been very interested in all forms of classical Indian music. She gave me many opportunities to listen to great artists not only in the United States but also in India. During my childhood, I visited Bangalore frequently, and on my visits began learning Hindustani vocal music with Lakshmi Kulkarni and later with Meghana Kulkarni, the student of Smt. Aarti Ankalikar. My musical learning continued in the US, and in 2001, I started Carnatic vocal music lessons in State College, Pennsylvania. Later in 2007, I began to learn Hindustani vocal music with Guru Arijit Mahalanabis via Skype, and have been learning ever since.

I am currently an undergraduate student at Penn State pursuing a major in Immunology and Infectious Disease with a minor in Spanish.”