Deepak Iyer

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“I’ve always connected deeply with music of all kinds; Indian classical, Western classical, Jazz and Rock. The connection was sufficient to make me want to be a part of creating music. However, like most other things, without a good teacher, I found it difficult to maintain the motivation and overcome hurdles, or even just make sense of things. Learning Hindustani classical music under a wonderful teacher, Arijit Mahalanabis, for the past couple years, has dramatically improved my appreciation of the art and its nuances. Most importantly, the richness of the art form and immense scope for creativity is slowly becoming apparent to me. I’ve also spent a couple of years learning to play the Bansuri under Venugopal Hegde. Professionally, I am a physicist, and teach physics. I also enjoy the great outdoors and spend a fair bit of time hiking and kayaking.

For Virasat, I will perform a short flute recital, in an attempt to put together my education so far.”