Asavari Thatte Pendharkar

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“I started learning Hindustani vocal classical from the age of six; thanks to my parents’ keen interest in music and their gentle coercion. For the last twenty years, my musical journey has been punctuated with various life events. Every time I commence from where I left off, I realize I begin a new chapter—in music and in life. The myriad learnings I associate with my musical journey are connected with the people, emotions, relationships, and self-explorations that are central to my life. I have realized that my musical journey has given me much more than the mere ability to sing. It was through music that I found my gurus—Shrimati Madhurika Joshi, and Shri Arijit Mahalanabis. I will be ever grateful for their presence in my life.

Presently I am trying to understand, conceptualize, and articulate my relationship with my music. In essence, I am trying to find myself in my music, and through my music—a process that is gently guided by my guru Arijit-da.”