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All Gharanas have gone through a series of changes since their foundation, and what we see today reflected in the music world is the identity we associate to them. The Mewati Gharana’s current identity has been heavily shaped by its doyen, my BadeGuruji Pandit Jasraj ji. The goal of this presentation is to analyze the growth of the Mewati Gharana pre-Jasraj and post-Jasraj. We will look at how its identity has been groomed over the years, from Ustad Ghagge Nazir KhanSaheb to current torchbearers such as Guruji Sanjeev Abhyankar ji, and we will also illuminate key factors which led to its evolutionary trajectory. Understanding important features of the Gharana, its history, the places it has traversed, and the people who practice it are vital in fully comprehending its evolution and identity.