Harkeerat Mangat

“Angela places on her head a metal pail resembling an Asian conical hat, and shuffles like a geisha to the […]

Asavari Thatte Pendharkar

“I started learning Hindustani vocal classical from the age of six; thanks to my parents’ keen interest in music and […]

Prithvi Narayanan

“I started learning vocal Carnatic music when I was four. A few years later, in 2013, I happened to attend […]

Janak Jethva

“Encouraged and pushed by my parents, my musical journey started in middle school. I learned a little harmonium and tabla, […]

Gitanjali Bhushan

“Since a very young age I have been surrounded by classical art forms. My older sister learned Barathnatyam at Kalakshiti […]

Mrunal Tak

“I was instilled with a love for music very early on, growing up in a house that resounded with the […]

Varun Narasimhachar

“Ever since I heard Smt. Sharada Bhat (of the Gwalior Gharana) sing at a Hindustani music concert, when I was […]

Vishak Sivadas

“Growing up, I remember being surrounded by music. My dad would play songs on his old Japanese cassette player every […]

Kishan Patel

“As a five year old wanting to learn music, my goal was to become the next Ustad Zakir Hussain. My […]