Ronit Patel

I started playing tabla in July of 2013 under Sunny Matharu. I find tabla a fun and exciting instrument to […]

Suparno Bhattacharya

“Ever since I can remember, I have loved music. My father, himself a keen listener and singer of various musical […]

Sneha Karthikeyan

“In my world-view, music is a journey without a fixed destination. It gives me the thrill of the wind kissing […]

Murali Haran

“My gateway to Hindustani music was my love for old Hindi film songs and for ghazals by Ghulam Ali; both […]

Sayali Phadke

“I have always loved dancing and performing! I started learning Kathak at the age of five, under the tutelage of […]

Aarti Sankrithi

“I was introduced to singing at a very young age by my mother. I grew up in a household where […]

Deepak Iyer

“I’ve always connected deeply with music of all kinds; Indian classical, Western classical, Jazz and Rock. The connection was sufficient […]

Shalini Balasubramonian

“My mother first recognized my talent for music when I was three. I have been singing and learning music in […]

Adi Nemlekar

“I still fondly recall how my musical journey began – when I first heard my grandfather recite tabla kaydas. He […]

Latha Bhushan

“Although Indian classical music had a special place in my life growing up; I took to learning the sitar well […]